RPA in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is essential for an obvious reason: it literally deals with live and death situations. That’s why we focus on how to improve it by reducing human error or operational delays that could cost lives. 


TAP™ into RPA

Healthcare data is considered to be highly sensitive. Also, it is estimated to expand by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36 percent through 2025. In this context, working in a manual system, where almost every document or medical file is paper-based is the path to an overwhelming environment for medical professionals. And we surely don’t want that, don’t we?

We offer reliable processing and transmission of personal data throughout different systems, departments and partners. Information has to stay up-to-date and synced between suppliers, labs, pharmacies, and more.


How RPA is changing Healthcare

The IT department of your healthcare organization is managing an extremely complex information system containing a multitude of disparate applications, interfaces and file formats. Tailent RPA solution provides a way to interface with disparate systems and manage high-volume operations without burdening your already-busy colleagues. Hence they can focus on what matters the most - the patient. Software robots work 24/7, they don't get sick and don’t make mistakes.

Security is a top priority whenever you operate with sensitive data. Keeping patient data secure is a challenge because it passes through so many hands, but the access and information that a doctor needs differs from the one of an accountant, for example. Our RPA solution allows each user to have an individual account with role-based access appropriate to their function. RPA helps to protect patient privacy and maintain compliance with regulations by generating detailed audit logs and standard compliance or custom reports.

Keep your patient’s records synchronised across multiple systems. Manage process changes accurately and consistently. RPA ensures that all information is integrated by linking systems, processes and activities on demand in real-time.

Save some time! Software assistants can automatically fill appointment requests like: medical history, diagnosis, personal preferences.

Automatically capture identity information through OCR, print the relevant documents or sign them electronically, provide login credentials and access to resources for patients.

Patient feedback helps you improve performance and providing top quality care. Simplify the capture of precious patient feedback. RPA can auto-collect and update feedbacks from surveys, forms, websites, forum ratings and email. Get access to fresh and relevant data in real time.

RPA can report automatically the prescription of regulated drugs to the relevant authority. Based on diagnostic, age, other medical conditions and even the pharmacies existent stock updated in real time, the prescription or treatment schedule is automatically generated.

If the patient needs to be transfered, RPA can gather information from multiple, disparate systems and integrate all of it into a comprehensive Medical Record Transfer.

RPA gathers information from multiple, usually disparate systems and integrates necessary data into a central place from where the decision for pre-authorisation of services will be taken.

Automatically verify the providers license credentials in several applications to check that the license is active and to match the data.

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What you get

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Operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiencies in the healthcare space 

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Time efficiency

Give medical professnionals more time to focus on the patient

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Optimize reception

50% improvement in front desk staff efficiency 

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Cost efficiency

Between 25% up to 40% operational cost reduction

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Privacy & security

Ensure privacy and security compliance

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Quality outcomes

Measure and improve medical outcomes like timeliness of medical services and patient experience

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Real time data

Keep your patient’s records up to date 

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Measure performance by collecting and synthesize feedback

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Patient satisfaction

Provide excellent care to your patients by integrating feedback from all sources

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