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Intelligent software robots developed by Tailent, integrated in complex IT solutions offered to Romanian companies by ETA2U

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Tailent accelerates international expansion and exports its intelligent software robots in Central and South America through a partnership with Serviceaide

Logiscool brings Tailent software robots to the team and prepares to integrate RPA into the education process

Tailent and Aliant want to „employ” intelligent software robots in all small and medium companies in Romania

Romanian startup Tailent expands internationally by launching the Tailent Automation Platform technology

Startup-ul românesc Tailent începe strategia de extindere pe plan internațional

Bucharest-based MissionCritical nabs €500K for its software robotics

Tailent(ex-MissionCritical) the opportunity to “recruit” a digital workforce of reusable software robots, alongside their human resources.

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