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We made it our mission to make automation affordable,
approachable and ready to use in any organization from day one.

An ecosystem built
for growth


Enhance your services and deliver successfully to your current clients but also
to an entire generation of SMEs - that are growing with the help of RPA.


Building robots centered around your application or service radically enhances organizational capabilities, scales up usage and improves customer satisfaction.


Prepare to scale up and monetize your expertise with millions of SMEs that are ready for RPA. Now is the perfect time to start building with TAP™.


Ready for RPA, Ready to grow

For any team

Software Services Team, Consulting Company, Tech Freelancers - no matter the team or technology project with any apps or processes, they can all grow with the help of RPA.

Built for growth

Tailent makes it all accessible for all parties involved. We offer plenty of room to create & build, but also to scale and monetize, bidding on reusability as the key for rapid development.

Incredible pricing

Get accustomed to a new form of pricing, one that is finally affordable
for all SMEs. Tailent is bound to offer you the right automation solution for your business without extra charges. Plus, once you commence using TAP™, you start saving money from day one.


Innovation to the next level

A new way to scale up

The unique, application-centric approach of Tailent Skilled Bots is perfect for any product company seeking to automate the way their output is used at scale. This, of course, scales up client-side results & efficiency, but also internal processes such as testing or deployment.

New user acquisition channels

RPA can add a whole-new dimension to your product, enabling new types of users to come onboard, besides from upselling current customers on these new capabilities. Furthermore, the Tailent Marketplace and partner ecosystem pave the way for new customers to hop in, as skilled bots will become ready to start working for them.


A prosperous world of RPA

Build once, used by millions

The biggest problem of RPA today is that it's exclusive. Development teams are building bots that only run inside closed enterprise ecosystems and every new project means starting from scratch. The Tailent Marketplace enables builders to share their creation with an open world in the form of already trained-skilled bots.

A skilled bot for everything

Tailent bots are already seeing live action in all major industries, across all company departments, in custom build, but also throughout popular systems and apps such as ERPs - SAP, Bitrix 24, Oracle or CRMs- SalesForce, Hubspot plus countless other use cases.

Scaling up monetization

The best part of reusable RPA is that now it's just become available and there are millions of enterprises ready to implement Skilled Bots. It's up to the pioneering wave of developers like yourself to start cashing in on this immense opportunity.

Partner Benefits

Support & training

  • Training materials to get your entire team automating in no time

  • Training programs to form RPA rockstars

  • Access to community support resources

  • Access to Tailent Technical Support

Resources & Documentation

  • Simple, straightforward documentation

  • Access to partner-only webinars and other community events

  • Access to marketing & sales resources


  • The RPA platform that enables full reusability of your work

  • Partners get Beta access to the latest Tailent features

  • Partners are first in line to re-use RPA programs for well-known apps and platforms


  • Marketplace commissions

  • Service fees in full control of the implementation partner

  • New leads coming in from the Tailent Partner Program



30 days Studio

  • 30 days Studio License

  • 2 bots

  • Acces to documentation

Scale as you go


/developer seat/month

  • Can use for multiple clients

  • Unlimited bots (attended and unattended)

  • Limitless usage

  • Reseller comissions

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